International Projects

RED Project First Results

The first year of the RED project comes to an end and Intellectual Output 1 is accomplished. The NTCenter team, as activity leading organisation, summarised all findings during that stage of the project in a comprehensive Needs Analysis Summary Report. The analysis discloses which are the specific target groups and potential stakeholders (primary and secondary)…

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INPLACE meeting in Porto

The third InPlace project meeting was held on July 27, 2018 in Porto, Portugal. Hosts of the meeting were our SPI partners. The latest videos captured by students were shown at the meeting. The partners discussed important aspects of the project such as management, dissemination, future goals and tasks. The teacher training in October 2018…

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Two New European Projects Approved

Two new European projects where NTCenter will participate alongside with our closest partner organisations in the field of education from the EU. The projects are Science for Fun and SKILLS+ (European Skills Competition for people with a labour disability). It is worth mentioning that SKILLS+ is a sequel of the very successful Paraskills project. The new…

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