CoCOS – Co-created Courses through Open Source initiatives 2017-2020
Erasmus+ 2017: 2017-1-BE02-KA203-034744

The main objective of the CoCOS project is improvement of the quality and effectiveness of learning through co-creation of educational materials. Co-creation has become a hot topic in education, especially because of its promising potential to leverage the input of students, fellow educators and experts in the professional field to provide up-to-date course material in a rapidly changing environment. During co-creation, the role of the educator shifts from a role of an authority to the role of a coach, validator and critical investigator.

In the course of the CoCOS project an online co-creation environment will be set up, specially tailored to allow structured, attainable co-creation by a large set of contributors. The educators who participate in the project will carry out the co-creation methodology in their own courses. A learning guide on co-creation guidelines will be created and a community-based co-creation website will be maintained to communicate the goal, results and materials developed during the project. Approximately 700 participants are aimed to be reached (educators, students and educational developers) by giving them free access to the materials developed in the CoCOS project.

NTCenter’s partners in this project are organisations from Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.