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Our mission

We look for solutions beyond the trivial, beyond the mainstream. Our proposals and designs for addressing emerging education issues always look for tangible impact. At NTCenter we value the creative mix of technology and applied science that can bring about visible change.

What makes us tick

We get excited by ideas and we take pride in coming up with elegant solutions. Once we tune into a problem or task, challenge becomes our brains' main source of propulsion.

Our vibe

We share much more than the work environment -- at NTCenter we move ahead together and we leave noone behind. Our success comes from staying together while always on a quest to explore areas tangential to our existing competences.

Our promise

We will get it done. Whether we take up a new client or engage in a new partnership, we always stay on task. We will often go the extra mile if we believe the extra push can add extra value to your business.

Projects and Partners

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Since 2003, NTCenter has been an active initiator and partner in projects co-financed by the EU programmes on education and training.

We mostly engage in strategic partnerships related to identification and exchange of good practices, development of new training and assessment methodologies and of innovative science-based teaching solutions, design and pilot testing of instruments supporting training and education – e-learning content, online platforms, self-assessment tests, analytical matrices, professional and job profiles.


NTCenter with a contract to support the Horizon Europe programme

22 Jan 2022

During the summer of 2021 we joined a large international consortium in a bid for a 7-year contract for the establishment, support and development of a network for national contact points (NCPs) in Horizon Europe‘s Cluster 2, “Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society“. Horizon Europe is the EU’s flagship programme for large-scale research projects, a continuation…

Citizenship Education in Europe: Formative Assessment

06 Jan 2022

Starting in December 2021, we are embarking on another challenging journey alongside colleagues from Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Czechia and Slovenia. Partly reaffirming a previous successful partnership, we are now in a more academic company attempting to find a solution to support Citizenship Education (CE) in partner countries with an appropriate and well-targeted assessment toolbox.…

Conspiracy Theories: A Deconstruction Model

04 Nov 2021

NTCenter maintains a continuous focus on disinformation and disinformation related-cognition. With the financial support of the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, we are launching InTACT, a 30-months project on conspiracy theories. Our working hypothesis is that we can apply a methodology similar to the one we had recently adopted in De Facto for building resilience…