Net4Society Impact DASHBOARD

This page provides a summary of impact metrics in support of project management and planning. Data collection is continuous, displayed aggregated metrics are updated as soon as new data comes in for an event or task. The Dashboard includes both KPIs and operational/ad-hoc metrics.

Coffee klatch

Task code: 1.5


Last update:
15 June 2022

Average attendance:
NCPs attended at least one event:
NCPs never attended:
Overall positive evaluations
Events organised so far:

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets

Attendance, total > N
Number of coffee klatch, total = 84
Attendance, frequency = N unique NCPs attending more than 60% of the coffee klatch
Attendance, first-timers = N unique NCPs attending a coffee klatch for the 1st time

Quality indicators

Mentoring & Twinning

Task code: 1.2

Last update:
No events yet

Network meetings

Task code: 1.6

NCP info sessions

Task code: 1.7

On-the-job training

Task code: 1.3

On-site/Online trainings

Task code: 1.8