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RED | Erasmus+

RED – Reinforce Europeans Digital, Literacy and Numeracy Skills 2017-2020 Erasmus+ 2017:2017-1-NL01-KA204-035204 The main goal of the RED project is to create a modern and innovative platform that offers an individual baseline test to detect low levels of literacy and mathematical skills, educational materials on these topics, materials that represent (digital and video) digital services…

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MAPLE | Erasmus+

MAPLE – Measuring Achievement and Progress of Pupils in Europe 2015-2017 Erasmus+ 2015: 2015-1-UK01-KA201-013582 The MAPLE project adapts and expands at EU level a UK-based model for baseline testing of IT competences in schools for children aged 10-16. By establishing a baseline and monitoring the progress, we help teachers and school managers plan their work…

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