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De Facto | Erasmus+

DE FACTO 2018-2020 Erasmus+ 2018: 2018-1-BG01-KA202-048002 NTCenter’s partners in this project are organisations from Czech Republic, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Belgium and Italy

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Equivalency and Emphasis Frames

Chong and Druckman, in the context of media and communications, claim that framing takes two principal formats – equivalency and emphasis frames. Equivalency frames refer to statements which are logically equivalent, but phrased differently. Thus, the phrasing causes individuals to alter their preferences. With emphasis frames, people make different judgements depending on which aspect of a…

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Frames as Thinking Contexts

Frames and framing are one of the key pillars of NTCenter’s conceptual model and practical kits for understanding and designing working solutions to the educational implications of misinformation and disinformation. What are frames We know that people think in contexts which are well defined and which have clear semantic roles, and these thinking contexts are known…

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