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MAPLE | Erasmus+

MAPLE – Measuring Achievement and Progress of Pupils in Europe 2015-2017 Erasmus+ 2015: 2015-1-UK01-KA201-013582 The MAPLE project adapts and expands at EU level a UK-based model for baseline testing of IT competences in schools for children aged 10-16. By establishing a baseline and monitoring the progress, we help teachers and school managers plan their work…

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THESS | Lifelong Learning Programme

THESS – Tourism and Hotel Management Educational Soft Skills 2013-2015 Transfer of Innovation 2013: 2013-1-SI1-LEO05-05348 THESS – Tourism and Hotel Management Educational Soft Skills – is a project to design and accredit European qualifications for the business of hotels and restaurants. The qualifications are set up by a team of vocational training experts, accredited in the…

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E-train | Lifelong Learning Programme

E-Train: E-learning in vocatonal training 2008-2010 (awarded a Quality mark by the BG National Agency for LLP) Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2008: 2008-1-DE2-GRU06-00041 2 NTCenter partnered in this project with organisations from Turkey, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.

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